The Greater Plan

Hello friends, and welcome back to this week's episode of my miscellaneous thoughts!

I have been going back and forth these past few weeks deciding what I wanted to share with you all on my next blog post, but finding the time to be able to write the post was an even bigger challenge. As many of you know, I am just wrapping up my sophomore year at CUW before starting my Master's Program this summer. It's pretty safe to say that college students are swamped second semester, with little to no motivation left to pull through the academic year. (Speaking of which, I should be studying right now.) But believe me....I mean it when I say "senior-itis" in high school has nothing on the lack of motivation of a college student in the spring.

With the wrapping up of a new year comes a lot of planning for the next: making class schedules, finding a job, figuring out financing, deciding where to live and who to live with.... The list honestly seems endless. My biggest challenge over these past few weeks was deciding where I will live for summer, as well as for the 2019-2020 academic year. For summer, I needed to find housing for 10 weeks starting in mid-May until the end of July for the duration that I would be attending classes. To live on campus in summer is honestly outrageously priced, I'm talking $640/month PLUS food outrageous. I couldn't validate spending the money, especially since I travel back to GB Thursday-Sunday for work and photo shoots. So, I began looking at all my options: Do I sublease? Do I commute from home? Do I find a friend/relative willing to take me in? I was blessed to have several opportunities for sub-leasing, but it still would be a lot of out-of-pocket costs, as is any living situation. The next option was to find someone who lived nearby, but unfortunately, my closest relative was in Elkhorn, WI. This meant I'd be driving one hour each way for classes, through MKE traffic.

For anyone who knows me (and my driving skills) knows that this plan was a little absurd. I initially put the idea down immediately. I knew it would be hard on my mental health, and I knew it would truly affect my academics, but then I started to calculate the money I'd be saving by only having to pay for gas (about $400 for all 10 weeks). It seemed so worth it, but I was still torn. I spoke to some girls who are ahead of me in the program, and nearly everyone talked me out of commuting anything over 20minutes. So then what? I just figured that I would have to sublease a friend's apartment for the summer and just work extra hard to be able to pay the bills. It wasn't what I wanted to do, but it seemed like the best option for me. And that's when God did his magic. One of my classmates contacted me and offered me to stay with her family and another classmate for the summer at an amazing price. How amazing is it that this family is willing to open their doors for TWO college students other than their own daughter? Find summer housing: CHECK!

Next on the agenda was housing for fall through spring. (From a chronological perspective, this speed bump actually came beforehand, so life was pretty messy for me these past few weeks.) April first: a day of jokes, fun, and ridiculous pranks. Well, let me tell you, this day was nothing far from a big joke to me, but I wasn't laughing and I wasn't having fun. It was a day that on-campus housing selection began, and unfortunately, my roommates and I did not get the res hall that we were hoping for. We ended up in a two room suite, with two people in each room. We were blessed enough to have our own rooms this school year, and none of us were interested in going back to sharing rooms. Some of you might think, "C'mon Mel, aren't you being a little dramatic?" And maybe you're right, but I truly believe that having your own space is so important in college, especially as the level of difficulty for classes increases. It is nearly impossible to find someone who you have the same sleep/study schedule with, without having to completely change your whole routine. Out of pure frustration, we began looking for off-campus housing and began crunching numbers for the cost. And little did we know, we'd actually SAVE money (a substantial amount) by moving off-campus!

Anyone knows the hunt for apartments is fun and exciting, but it can often be difficult to find the right place, the right location, the right amenities, and for the right cost. And it can even be difficult to find the right people to live with. I am so blessed to have roomed with two of my amazing friends this year, and that we are all wanting to move off campus together. We thought we had finally found the right place, but we needed a fourth person to live with us. We had a few options of friends, all of which ended up falling through for various reasons. But again, God worked his magic and introduced us to a friend of a friend. We were just approved for an apartment we all fell in love with, and if all goes well, we should be able to get into our apartment mid-summer. Now, don't take my word for this, because if you haven't already realized... nothing, literally NOTHING... has been consistent or smooth-sailing throughout this entire process. But... find housing for next year: (basically) CHECK!

This is getting a little lengthier than intended so I will get to the point. In amidst of all the craziness, I had dinner with a friend of mine and we were discussing life in general. She said something to me that I KNEW was exactly what I needed to hear: "God will put you where he wants you." Wow, what a necessary reminder. He will put you where HE wants you. Trust His plan, and always trust His timing. It's so easy to get caught up in our everyday routine and continue to make plans over and over again, but do we ever stop and think about if this is where we're supposed to be in life? Is this what we are supposed to be doing at this time in our lives? And you know what? It's okay to be unsure of life; it's okay to not know what our next step is. Sometimes we just need to let our guard down and put our lives in the hands of God and just know that he will take care of it. I read a post a few weeks ago that truly put me in my place. The amazing, Jordan Lee Dooley did it again with her words of wisdom as she reminded us, "Your job is not to rush your life. Your job is not to live into other people’s expectations. Your job is to show up for what’s important in your real, imperfect, every day, where you are, with what you have, right now. ⁣⁣ ⁣A meaningful life isn’t built on just milestones— it’s built on how you show up in between them, amen? " Honestly, AMEN sister. Instead of worrying about every little thing and planning out every detail of your life to perfection, just learn to trust in Him and live in the now. And never forget to LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE.



April 15th, 2019

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