My Microblading Experience: Hello, Eyebrows!

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Hello my loves!

I know this post is longgggg overdue, but here we are! I was going to wait until after I got my first touch up to tell you about my experience with microblading, but I'm truly satisfied and ready to share this with you.

So let's start off with the basics.... what the heck is microblading? Microblading is the process of creating 3D hair strokes on your eyebrows, leaving you with natural-looking "tattoo-ed" eyebrows! I actually got "combination brows" done, which incorporates manual hair strokes (microblading), in addition to a tattoo machine fill. This is the better option for anyone who likes a filled-in look, and it is ESSENTIAL for anyone who has a decent amount of eyebrow hair already.

Okay, next question-- why + the heck did I get this done? Here's a little fun story for y'all:

I used to have bushy eyebrows back in the day-- I mean what twelve-year-old kid doesn't? They were a mess, but truly had great potential for shaping. However, this was the era where tiny brows were trendy. WHY? WHY WAS THIS A THING? So little naive Mellie asked her older sister to tweeze off her eyebrows. I'm sorry, whatttttttt?

You guys, I'm not joking when I said my eyebrows were GONE. We finished one eyebrow and I cried (not because I thought they looked bad, but because it hurt like a b!tch)! I had to use my handy-dandy Sponge Bob ice pack to save the day. After finishing one, we knew we HAD to do the other. Here are some nice embarrassing throwbacks to show you how drastic this transformation was: from 2006 to 2012!

Alright, sooo.. long story short. My eyebrows weren't in any hurry to grow back these past eight years. I've tried a variety of serums and although they did grow back a little, it wasn't enough. They've just been messy and hopeless for the past few years, and I had enough. I had been thinking about getting microblading done since I was in high school, and this year I finally bit the bullet!

I contacted Jill at 3D Brows + Wellness because I knew she was good at what she does. I continually looked into her work, and even contacted a few of my friends who got their brows done by her. She is truly AMAZING at what she does and she makes you feel so comfortable throughout the entire process. Yes, I said process-- your brows aren't just gonna be beautiful in one day! Here's Jill's adorable little waiting area and my before + after on day one.

The Process:

*Please make sure to check out the Q + A section at the bottom!*

I contacted Jill well in advance, booked my appointment, filled out the paperwork, asked her any questions I had all BEFORE coming to get my brows done.

Day 1: This is the day you get your eyebrows done.

Alright, so.. what happens? You sit down in the chair and tell Jill what you're looking for, show her some pics of what you're going for etc. As you can see from the photo above, I do have natural eyebrow hair. It's thick and dark, which sort of makes the process harder. Jill forewarned me that I would most likely be able to see where my natural brows are. So, what does this mean for me? Worst case scenario-- I'd just have a template to fill my brows in forever. And you know what? I'm OK with that! I'm beyond OK with that.

"Holy $h!t Jill, I have brows!" These words came out of my mouth the first time I held up the mirror and saw my new brows. It's real and It's worth it.

What to expect this day:

Your brows will be tender and you have to be a little extra careful with them! They might look a little big and dark to you, but ultimately you will LOVE them right away. I think I looked in the mirror 12938x this day because I couldn't believe that I had brows. You may experience some lymph build-up throughout the day, but I didn't! The healing process is different for everyone, but no matter who you are, don't touch your dang brows!

Day 2:

What to expect: Your brows are going to get big + dark. You will most likely be scared, but don't be! You shouldn't have any more tenderness, but you might have some lingering. You will wash + moisturize your brows before bed this day (following Jill's instructions!)

Day 3:

What to expect: Your brows are still going to get big + dark-- If I had to be honest, I think this was the day I loved my brows the most! You will now start washing 1x per day and moisturizing 3x per day!

Day 4:

What to expect: Your brows might begin peeling already, you will most likely experience flaking/peeling during days 4-10. But like I said, everyone's healing process is different! My brows started to lighten a bit and began cracking near the tails.

Day 5:

What to expect: Peeling was ready to start, they were cracking pretty good! You'll sort of feel like a snake for a bit, but you'll get through it. Whatever you do, don't pick at your brows! Let them peel naturally.

Day 6: I got the flu the night of Day 5 into Day 6, so I have no pictures from this day. I had A LOT of peeling this day.

Day 7:

What to expect: My brows were ITCHY, and I still had quite a bit of peeling. Again, just try not to scratch or pick at them!

Day 8:

What to expect: Any lingering peeling will most likely come off when you wash/moisturize them. Your brows will have softened, lightened, and shrunk quite a bit by now.

Day 9:

Day 10:

I waited until Day 11 to wear makeup since all of my peelings had been done for a few days already. Up until then, you want to avoid wearing makeup or using products around your brows, and you definitely don't want to be putting anything on your brows! I just made sure to wash and moisturize super well this night!

Here is a great link with videos from Jill on all things aftercare + healing:

Here's a cute little graphic I found online that truly expresses the healing phases!

I still fill in my eyebrows now if I'm wearing makeup, but I also feel comfortable enough going out in public without them filled in. Here's what they look like now without makeup (left + middle) and after makeup (right)!


Q + A:

What did you have done? Was it done by tattoo?

I got combination brows done at 3D Brows + Wellness in Green Bay. It was a combination of microblading and powder-fill from a machine! It is similar to a tattoo, but yet it's a bit different. It's not technically as permanent, and you will need touch-ups every so often! I believe it's also a little different kind of pigment.

How bad did it hurt?

Let me tell you... I am a BABY when it comes to any sort of pain. I stub my toe or run into the wall, and I think I'm dying. Dead serious. I truly didn't believe that it "hurt" at all. There was an occasional discomfort or tenderness toward the end (with the powder fill), but it is SO tolerable! Jill applied topical numbing in the beginning, as well as in between layers, which helps a ton. During the beginning of the procedure, I literally couldn't feel her doing anything-- like it felt as if someone was combing through my brows!

How much was it? Was it worth it?

If you just do microblading it's $500, but if you do combination brows like I did, it's $550! This includes your initial appointment and your touch up appointment. You should also tip for the service-- which is something to keep in mind. Some people see this as expensive, and others see this as reasonable. There definitely may be a "cheaper" option elsewhere-- but I wasn't going for cheap, I was going for safe and high-quality service. This is definitely an investment, but in the long run it will save me time and money. My mornings are 10000x more stress-free, I'm less self-conscious about my brows, and I'm just genuinely happier. I LOVE MY BROWS! Since I had been thinking about this for a while, as soon as I booked my appointment, I started setting money aside for it. I recommend keeping it out of your bank account and out of your wallet, so you can truly make sure you're saving it for your service and not spending it along the way!

Color boosts will be an additional $350 if it's been 2 years since your last visit or $400 if it's been 3 years! You will have to pay the full price again if it's been more than 4 years.

How many times do you have to go back?

You will have a touch-up/perfecting session about 8-12 weeks after your initial appointment. This is included in your initial payment! It is recommended that you get an annual color boost at 12 months, but some people can go 12-24 months before needing one. Everyone's skin takes/holds the pigment differently!

Tell me about the process!

Soo.. you make an appointment with Jill, online or via message. You can message her with any questions you may have beforehand. You will be asked to fill out some paperwork online before your appointment. This is for your safety!

The day of, you will go in and be taken back into your room! You will sit down with Jill, have a little chat, tell her your story, what you're looking for, etc. The next step is mapping. You basically just take a nap during this part--- sit still and don't talk! Jill is creating unique plans for the perfect brows for your face. Once she is done, she will have you take a look and let her know what you think. You will then tell her any changes/adjustments you want and you will choose the appropriate color of pigment.

Jill will trim up your current brow hair + clean you up if need be!

Then, Jill will apply a topical numbing and let it sit for about 20 minutes or so. During this time, she will go through the healing process with you and what you will need to do during recovery! You can also ask any questions you may have during this time.

And then.. it's go time! Jill will start with microblading, and then machine work. I believe we did machine work on each side twice, and she will re-apply numbing in between layers! After that, she had me look in the mirror and let her know what I think! She did go back in at the end and touch up with some microblading strokes.

It's about a 2-hour appointment, but I feel like the actual machine work only takes about 45min-60min! It's a quick and easy process and Jill will make sure you are comfortable the entire time.

I definitely recommend doing research if you plan on going elsewhere. Always make sure there are proper certifications and licenses!


So, that's my story! If this is something you've been wanting to do but are too scared to take the plunge, take my advice and do the damn thing!!! As someone who pondered on this for over 3 years, I'm telling you it's worth it. The fact that I am confidently saying this before even getting my touch up truly shows how much I believe in it.

If anyone has any further questions or wants to chat about the process some more, please feel free to reach out to me!

Until next time--- live what you love, girlfriend!

XOXO, Mel.

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