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Welcome back to my little corner of the universe! Today’s entry is going to be a little different than anything I’ve ever done before. I’ve been brainstorming ideas of what I felt I needed to say in this blog post for over a month now, but I’ve come to terms that I don’t know if I will ever have the exact words to say just exactly what I am hoping to. So, were just going to wing-it, get vulnerable, and do the dang thing…


We all have them, whether we like to admit it or not. Some weigh on us a little heavier than others. In the past, I had always been insecure about going in public without any makeup. Up until high school, seeing me anywhere other than home without makeup on was like seeing a ghost or Santa Claus… it just didn’t happen! Even when I started getting the confidence to go out and about with a bare face, I ALWAYS filled in my brows. That is.... up until I found out about Jill + her magnificent microblading skills over at 3D Brows and Wellness.

You can read all about my microblading experience here.

I truly mean it when I say these brows have changed my life. To some people, eyebrows are just eyebrows… just like how different brands and models of cameras mean nothing to someone who doesn’t give a crud about photography. But to others… a feature on your face can make a world’s difference and they can change how you see yourself or how you believe others see you. Cosmetic changes or flaws impact people in different ways, and that is more than okay.

Getting my eyebrows microbladed has changed the way I look at myself. It has given me a confidence boost that I never knew I needed. It has put a plug on another little piece of my life that makes me anxious. It has allowed me to be okay with just being “me.” And babe, that was a damn good victory.

Today, I want to introduce to you a non-profit organization that continues to change the lives of others and allow them to have their own little victory…. Hope & Olive.

Hope & Olive is an organization that “assists individuals who have experienced life-altering circumstances by providing restorative permanent makeup services in a safe environment, allowing them to move into the next season of life with hope and a sense of victory.” H&O is a network of permanent makeup artists across the US that offers FREE makeup services to qualified recipients who have dealt with life-altering circumstances, such as (but not limited to) cancer, human trafficking, Trichotillomania, or burn trauma.

The tagline that floats on H&O’s home page, contains six very powerful words:

“Restoring Confidence. Recapturing Self. Rejuvenating Spirit.”

It would be an understatement if I said that meeting Jill + treating myself to new brows did ONLY that. I can’t imagine what a service like this could do for someone who has battled so much more.

So now I want to encourage you, a true warrior, to do something fun and victorious for yourself. It is time to be treated like the beautiful human being you are, rather than just another number or statistic.

Jill is the helping hand you need to grab hold of. Jill is a woman filled with a whole lot of love and compassion. She will ensure that you are comfortable throughout the entire process. There is no judgment about questions or concerns, there is no awkward small talk about the weather, and there is no pressure to admit you like something if you don’t (although, I don’t think you’d run into this issue in the first place—Jill rocks and so do her permanent makeup skills). She takes the time to make sure your questions are fully answered and your worries are reassured. She takes the time to get to know you and learn about your family, your hobbies, your taste in music—whatever. You won’t walk out of the studio with only a new cosmetic change; you will confidently leave that studio as a new woman, with a new friend. 3D Brows + Wellness has a safe, clean, and welcoming environment with the MOST adorable aesthetics.

It is truly the perfect place to get a head start on this new chapter in your life.

So, what do you say? After countless appointments that you may have dreaded going to, why not go to one you will enjoy. It’s time to treat yourself and celebrate the amazing warrior that you are.

Thank you for fighting + thank you for being here today. It’s time to live what you love.

If anyone has any questions or is looking for an uncensored talk about a personal experience with PMU, please feel free to contact me. If you’d like to learn more about H&O or 3D Brows, you can do so here:




If you are a survivor who’s not ready to take the plunge or are just a family member or friend looking to provide support, you can extend an olive branch by making a monetary donation or participating in the current event, “Soles for Hope.” “Soles for Hope” is a way to raise money to fund restorative permanent makeup services for those qualified recipients by collected new and used shoes. For every pair of shoes collected now through April 27th, Hope & Olive receives funds to help clients get a piece of themselves back! To learn more about this event or where you can donate shoes, click here.


Thank you all for taking the time to learn about this powerful organization.

Until next time...



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